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Oland Centre Referendum Student Outreach Survey

Oland Centre Referendum Student Outreach Survey

The Centre for Healthy Living project is a pillar within the StFX Comprehensive campaign. This project entails renovations to the Oland Centre and has an estimated cost of $30 million. The project will progress in phases, with each phase starting only once the respective funds have been raised. The university is looking to go to referendum (defined below) to establish a new student fee that will result in a total $5 million contribution from students. This funding will go solely towards a new health and fitness facility (workout gym) and renovations to the public locker rooms.

Referendum: a yes or no vote by students on a single question that has been referred to them for a direct decision. 

In order to best gauge constituent/student feedback, the StFX Students' Union Student Representative Council has established the following feedback survey. Please note that this is not the referendum in and of itself, rather this survey will be used by Council for consultation when voting on whether or not to go to referendum. 

X Talks: Health (Applications)

X Talks: Health (Applications)


The "X Talks" series continues into November with presentations from Students, Staff and Faculty surrounding the topic of Health in both everyday life and on campus.

In partnership with the 2017 Movember campaign this month's talk will explore the theme of health. The event will feature some of StFX own students talking about their life experiences in general and at StFX, finished by a keynote presented by Jeremey Saunders, host of the Sick Boy Podcast.

If you are interested in being apart of this amazing event, submit an application below by Tuesday, November 7th at 5:00 PM!

Public Notice of Annual General Meeting

Public Notice of Annual General Meeting


This is a public notice that the Students' Union will be hosting their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, October 24th at 6:00 PM.

Any attendees will be entered to win a Kenny's Pizza $500 gift card giveaway! Stay tuned to the Students' Union social media for additional details in the coming week - including the event's location and Facebook page.

Any questions regarding this year's AGM can be directed to the Chair of Council at

Statement Regarding Last Night's Orientation Event

Statement Regarding Last Night's Orientation Event

The Student Orientation Committee (SOC) would like to extend a formal apology to all attendees of the performance that took place on Sunday, September 3rd.

In planning Orientation Week, the committee’s primary objective is to provide a variety of events that reflect the diverse interests of all incoming students. Last night’s performance was intended to be of a unique and entertaining nature, however despite specific direction being given to the performers, the content of the show was not acceptable and accordingly the show was halted.

As we continuously encourage our students to take a stance on anything that makes them uncomfortable, we believe we had an obligation to end the event early. We would like to thank both Safety and Security and the Orientation Committee in assisting in the safe shut down of this performance.

Any individuals who may have been Impacted by this  event are encouraged to reach out to Health and Counselling at 902-867-2263or Aspiria at 1-877-234-5327. We also encourage any individuals who have feedback, comments or questions regarding this or any other event held during Orientation Week to contact the Students’ Union VP Activities & Events at

We look forward to the rest of the week and tonight's event, PlayFair!

X Talks: Life (Applications)

X Talks: Life (Applications)

The "X Talks" series continues from last year with presentations from Students, Staff and Faculty surrounding a variety of topics that are important on campus.

Kickstarting this year during Orientation Week 2017 will be a TED style talk that explores the theme of life. The event will feature some of StFX own students talking about their life experiences in general and at StFX, finished by a keynote presented by UN General, Romeo Dallaire

If you are interested in being apart of this amazing event, submit an application below by Monday, August 28th at 5:00 PM!

The President's Report: July 2017

The President's Report: July 2017

It's been a busy summer on 4th floor (and outside of the office) for the Students' Union Executive team 😎☀! 

Check out the first volume of the 2017 President's Report by Annie Sirois to find out what the team has been working on since May 🌷, and what to expect for this upcoming year 🕒.

It includes everything from details on the abolishment of the $25 Capital Campaign student fee 💰, VIVA 2021 Orientation Week 🎉, as well as pilot projecting a new voting system for the September Elections ✅.

32 days until Orientation Week!

Status of BurMac 2017 Announcement

Status of BurMac 2017 Announcement

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It is with regret that we announce that it has been decided it is not currently in the best interest of students or the greater StFX campus community to proceed with BurMac 2017. While there were many positive efforts made toward the reintroduction of the event, ongoing conduct issues are simply beyond the acceptable level to continue with the game.

On behalf of the BurMac Working Group we wish to thank all those who worked hard to envision what the game could look like.  We especially wish to thank the students who have played positive roles in attempting to have the game returned to campus in an updated format.  Also, thank you to the members of the StFX Executive Council for providing the opportunity and platform to discuss the potential for a reinstated game.


Taylor Chase

President, StFX Students’ Union

Bob Hale

Head of Student Services

StFX University


Deputy Chair Applications Re-Opened

Deputy Chair Applications Re-Opened

Applications for the role of Deputy Chair of the Students' Union Council have re-opened!

Students are asked to submit both the below forms in order to be considered for an interview, one application and one resume. Applications close Monday, March 13th at noon. Applicants will hear shortly thereafter if they have been selected to interview for the position.

Applicants can review the terms of reference in the bylaws here.

Any questions regarding any position can be be submitted to the current Chair at

Deputy Chair of Council

Student Representative Nomination Forms

Student Representative Nomination Forms

Nomination forms for all Student Representative positions on the Students' Union Council are now open! Students can download the nomination form here.

Hopeful candidates can review the terms of reference for both positions can be found in the bylaws here.

Any questions regarding any position can be be submitted to the Chair's office at!

Applications are due by March 8th at 12:00 PM to the SUB Info Desk.

Positions Include the Following:

o   Equity Student Rep

o   BoG Student Rep (2)

o   International Student Rep

o   Students of African Descent Rep

o   Aboriginal Student Rep

o   Science Student Rep

o   Arts Student Rep

o   Business Student Rep

X Talks: Earth, Ethics & Evolution (Applications)

X Talks: Earth, Ethics & Evolution (Applications)

Did you swing by on January 31st to catch our speakers address the topic of Justice? Catch our Facebook live coverage of the entire event from the comfort of your home? Regardless of how you viewed, we hope you were inspired by the speakers, topics and event as a whole!

X Talks continues for the month of March and will be the final talk of the year! This series provides students a platform to share their mind, beliefs and battles in a student-run forum designed to break the bubbles we live in. Students speaking will be filmed professionally and posted online for the world to see!

So, What’s next? On March 21st at 6:00 PM, we will be hosting X Talks: Earth, Ethics and Evolution. Have a perspective or experience with any of these topics? Students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply below by March 10th at 5 pm, or email VP Activities and Events Rachel LeBlanc for more information.

BurMac 2017 Announcement

BurMac 2017 Announcement

BurMac 2017 tentatively scheduled for March

The inaugural BurMac Winter Classic 2017 has been tentatively scheduled to take place near the end of March in StFX’s Keating Centre, Taylor Chase, StFX Students’ Union President and Chair of the BurMac Working Group, announced today.

Led by students, the working group was formed to examine the feasibility of reintroducing the House Cup between Burke and MacIsaac residences. In January, the group prepared both a proposal and presentation for members of StFX administration that included recommendations regarding how the game might go forward. A BurMac Committee was then established based on these recommendations.

The game is tentatively scheduled based on set commitments that will make it a more positive experience and tradition on campus. These commitments were reviewed and supported by both residences.

“We all recognize the importance of BurMac – to the students, to alumni and within the community – and we knew that changes to the event had to occur for BurMac to go forward,” Mr. Chase said. “I am pleased that we were able to develop an approach that promotes a positive atmosphere and permits the game to proceed.”

Bob Hale, Head of Student Services and Co-Chair of the BurMac Committee, agreed. “I am impressed and commend the efforts of the students who have put much effort into rethinking what the event can be,” said Mr. Hale. “Perhaps what impresses me the most is the recognition and commitment to accountability made by the students. They understand that the success of this event is in their hands.”

“Many students want to see BurMac reinstated and have rallied around the ways to make this happen. This is an opportunity for students to show that BurMac is an important part of StFX and can continue in a positive way,” Mr. Chase said.

Pause for the Cause

Pause for the Cause

Pause for the Cause:

StFX for Safe and the Students’ Union are launching the “Pause for the Cause” campaign. With the current tragedies taking place across the globe, Xaverians are fortunate enough to be able to give back and make a difference.

Join in this campaign by taking a pause from something in your daily life that you would typically spend money on. Instead of spending money on this activity or object, we challenge you to instead donate it to this campaign. This could be anything from your daily coffee to Rita Wrap!

You can partake in this campaign on your own or in a group of friends and we encourage you to challenge three other friends to do the same. It’s an easy way to make a serious difference in the world and help change a life forever.

To donate online visit

Statement on the Status of BurMac

Statement on the Status of BurMac

January 31, 2017


To All StFX Students,

Over the last several weeks, The Students’ Union along with Presidents and Coaching staff of both Burke and MacIsaac house have been working on a proposal regarding the status of the BurMac House Hockey Game. This working group was created with the motivation of redefining the purpose of the game, while also recognizing its roots in the Xaverian community.

On January 24th this working group met with the University to submit the proposal and discuss the potential of the game returning in 2017. It was suggested by the University that it was necessary for the group to continue to meet with stakeholders involved in the hockey game. This led to additional meetings with academic leaders, professors, as well as members of local town and county governments in order to gather more input. The final copy of the proposal is to be completed and presented to the University this week.

As this is an ongoing discussion, we ask the residence and alumni of both MacIsaac and Burke house conduct themselves in true Xaverian spirit to mitigate any potential risks to the process.

Any students with concerns or questions can contact Students’ Union President Taylor Chase at

In service,

The U – StFX Students’ Union

X Talks: Justice (Applications)

X Talks: Justice (Applications)

The "X Talks" series continues this month with presentations from Students, Staff and Faculty surrounding the topic of justice.

We know that StFX has some amazing students, staff and faculty members with ideas and thoughts worth sharing. If you think you have what it takes to be an X Talk speaker, fill out the application below! An X Talk speaker will get the chance to give a 10 minute Ted style talk on a subject of their choice and get a chance to be uploaded on the web for the world to see.

Our Annual John C. Friel X Talk on Justice will be hosted on January 24th at 6 pm in the Bauer theatre. If you're a student looking for a chance to share your thoughts on any topic related to social, economic, political, environmental and other aspects of justice apply now before January 15th for a chance to speak!

Statement on NSTU Job Action

Statement on NSTU Job Action

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016


In light of recent actions taken by the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU) in response to contract negotiations with the Nova Scotia Government, the StFX Students’ Union wishes to share their support and solidarity with the NSTU.

The StFX Students’ Union represents over 200 students in the education program at the bachelor, masters and doctorate level. As a union, we recognize the important role of Nova Scotia teachers as they foster education in school systems and we recognize their contribution to developing and mentoring student teachers from StFX University.

As education is an essential part of our society, we collectively stand behind the NSTU in their effort to enhance school systems through achieving fair wages, benefits, and improving working and learning conditions. It is important that our graduating students enter an education system that focuses on student learning and improved conditions for all.    

In unity,

The StFX Students' Union

X Talks Applications

X Talks Applications

X Talks is a series of presentations open to Students, Staff and Faculty surrounding a variety of topics that resonate both on campus and across the globe.

To kick off the series, the first X Talks will be focused on an issue that is both timely and topical. With November also being known as "Movember" - along with the foundation of the same name, these talks will concern men's health.

These talks can be broad in terms of how they relate to men's health and can be based on personal experience of something that has affected you.

Applications to speak at the event will be open until November 8th. Submissions will be contacted regarding their status following that date.

World Market Booth Application

World Market Booth Application

The Students' Union and International Student Society are hosting their first ever World Market on November 13th from 2 - 4 PM in the MacKay Room. The World Market is a student-driven market that celebrates the culture and heritage of students on campus through cultural fashion, entertainment and food!

For those students interested in setting up a booth either as an individual or in a group there are 30 booths available. Submissions will work on a first-come, first-serve basis and the application will close once all booths are full.

Students can submit an application below:

*NOTE: If participants will be preparing cultural dish for their respective booth, all food preparation will happen at the Bloomfield centre kitchen under supervision of Sodexo catering to ensure safe food preparation and food handling* 

Peace for Syria Walk

Peace for Syria Walk

*UPDATE* The event will now be taking place Sunday, the 23rd at noon!

The Peace for Syria Walk is a community walk aimed at supporting Syrian refugees and encouraging world governments to end the suffering of war.

The walk will begin on the lower level of the Bloomfield Building and finish there as well, along with a BBQ, music and silent auction.

In the chance of rain, the event will be held in the McKay room in Bloomfield. The event sponsored by STFX Athletics, the Student’s Union and STFX for SAFE.

- Saturday, October 22nd
- Begins at 11:00 AM
- Registration fee for students $5