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Off campus opportunity database

How does the OCO Database Work? 

The OCO Database is host to all volunteer and paid positions that are available for StFX students within Antigonish. The U facilitates the connection between student and organization, and then it is up to the student and organization to determine the hours worked. This process makes it easier for the student and organization to make arrangements that are easy to manage for both parties involved.

For StFX Students looking to join the database:

Check out our OCO Database to find the perfect opportunity today! The database is updated as more positions become available so please check it regularly.

For Antigonish Organizations Looking for a Student Volunteer or Hire:

Please complete the following form to have your volunteer position added to our database. 

With the submission of this form, it is understood by the organization outlined in Section 1 that…

1)     The StFX Students’ Union reserves the right to decline any submissions if they conflict with the Union’s core values;

2)     The StFX Students’ Union can remove listings without notice, and will remove listings once they have expired;

3)     The StFX Students’ Union will contact the primary email given in Section 1 every May to ask if the organization’s information is up to date on the website and/or request any changes.