Statement on the Status of BurMac

January 31, 2017


To All StFX Students,

Over the last several weeks, The Students’ Union along with Presidents and Coaching staff of both Burke and MacIsaac house have been working on a proposal regarding the status of the BurMac House Hockey Game. This working group was created with the motivation of redefining the purpose of the game, while also recognizing its roots in the Xaverian community.

On January 24th this working group met with the University to submit the proposal and discuss the potential of the game returning in 2017. It was suggested by the University that it was necessary for the group to continue to meet with stakeholders involved in the hockey game. This led to additional meetings with academic leaders, professors, as well as members of local town and county governments in order to gather more input. The final copy of the proposal is to be completed and presented to the University this week.

As this is an ongoing discussion, we ask the residence and alumni of both MacIsaac and Burke house conduct themselves in true Xaverian spirit to mitigate any potential risks to the process.

Any students with concerns or questions can contact Students’ Union President Taylor Chase at

In service,

The U – StFX Students’ Union