Oland Centre Referendum Student Outreach Survey

The Centre for Healthy Living project is a pillar within the StFX Comprehensive campaign. This project entails renovations to the Oland Centre and has an estimated cost of $30 million. The project will progress in phases, with each phase starting only once the respective funds have been raised. The university is looking to go to referendum (defined below) to establish a new student fee that will result in a total $5 million contribution from students. This funding will go solely towards a new health and fitness facility (workout gym) and renovations to the public locker rooms.

Referendum: a yes or no vote by students on a single question that has been referred to them for a direct decision. 

In order to best gauge constituent/student feedback, the StFX Students' Union Student Representative Council has established the following feedback survey. Please note that this is not the referendum in and of itself, rather this survey will be used by Council for consultation when voting on whether or not to go to referendum.