BurMac 2017 Announcement

BurMac 2017 tentatively scheduled for March

The inaugural BurMac Winter Classic 2017 has been tentatively scheduled to take place near the end of March in StFX’s Keating Centre, Taylor Chase, StFX Students’ Union President and Chair of the BurMac Working Group, announced today.

Led by students, the working group was formed to examine the feasibility of reintroducing the House Cup between Burke and MacIsaac residences. In January, the group prepared both a proposal and presentation for members of StFX administration that included recommendations regarding how the game might go forward. A BurMac Committee was then established based on these recommendations.

The game is tentatively scheduled based on set commitments that will make it a more positive experience and tradition on campus. These commitments were reviewed and supported by both residences.

“We all recognize the importance of BurMac – to the students, to alumni and within the community – and we knew that changes to the event had to occur for BurMac to go forward,” Mr. Chase said. “I am pleased that we were able to develop an approach that promotes a positive atmosphere and permits the game to proceed.”

Bob Hale, Head of Student Services and Co-Chair of the BurMac Committee, agreed. “I am impressed and commend the efforts of the students who have put much effort into rethinking what the event can be,” said Mr. Hale. “Perhaps what impresses me the most is the recognition and commitment to accountability made by the students. They understand that the success of this event is in their hands.”

“Many students want to see BurMac reinstated and have rallied around the ways to make this happen. This is an opportunity for students to show that BurMac is an important part of StFX and can continue in a positive way,” Mr. Chase said.