Students' Union Response to Sexualized Violence

The StFX Students’ Union re-affirms its belief that every student has the right to live and learn in an environment free from sexualized violence, of any kind. We believe, and support survivors and we understand that victims of sexualized violence have been historically silenced.

Rebecca Mesay — Students’ Union President

Rebecca Mesay — Students’ Union President

We recognize that the processes in place for reporting sexual violence often re-traumatize survivors and typically end in outcomes that fail to meet the expectations of those who have come forward.

In making this recognition, the StFX Students’ Union will be taking the following steps to further address sexualized violence at StFX:

 1)    The creation of a working group, led by the VP Academic, Tiffany MacLennan. Scope will include internal policy review, prevention and education strategies, and proactive measures;

2)    Work with StFX University to review and amend the current Sexual Violence Policy to ensure it aligns with a survivor-centric approach;

3)    Formally request that the University and Senate review the Community Code of Conduct and Appeals Process to close gaps within the pre-existing systems;

4)    Advocate to the University to increase the number of Students-at-Large on StFX University’s Sexual Violence Prevention Committee;

5)    Active participation in the Advancing Women’s Equality (AWE) focus groups to gather intentional student feedback and develop strategies to address sexualized violence;

6)    Advocate with Students Nova Scotia (provincial advocacy group) for the development of provincial parameters for all post-secondary sexual violence policies (advocacy in process);

7)    Advocate with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (federal advocacy group) to increase government funding to develop a national framework for post-secondary institutions’ standalone sexual violence policies.

It is paramount that any progress on addressing issues of sexualized violence is an open and honest discussion with all members of the StFX community.

The StFX Students’ Union continues to advocate for students. We encourage students to make their concerns known to us by contacting Rebecca Mesay, President, via email at


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