Fall Reading Week Survey


This year, the StFX Students’ Union is working on a Fall Reading Week proposal to bring to the members of the StFX Senate with the goal of introducing a fall reading week in the 2019-2020 academic year. To strengthen this proposal, we are looking to get feedback from 1000 students on StFX campus on the idea of a fall reading week. By filling out this survey, you could also win one of four Kenny’s Pizza gift cards!

The survey has four questions about fall reading week, an open scape for your opinions outside of the questions, a gift card entry and some information fields.

For this survey, you do not need to include your name. However, if you would like to be put into the draw for a Kenny’s gift card, you must enter your StFX email.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 
Q: Would a fall reading week make the first day of classes earlier? 
A: No, it would not.

Q: Would a fall reading week make the semester an entire week longer?
A: No, it would not. 

Q: What is the compromise of having a fall reading week introduced? 
A: If a fall reading week is introduced to StFX, the Fall Study Day (which happens in October) would become a part of the fall reading week. This means that the four day weekend which occurs over Thanksgiving Weekend in October, would become a three day weekend. However, this would result in a week long break in the month of November. 

Q: What will happen with the information for this survey?
A: The information collected from this survey will go to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the StFX Students’ Union. This information will be compiled into a report which will be presented to the StFX University Senate. In January, the StFX University Senate will decide to either move ahead with a fall reading week or not.

If you have any questions regarding the fall reading week proposal, please contact the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Tiffany MacLennan, at su_academic@stfx.ca


Example: Chemistry
If there was a Fall Reading Week at StFX, would you... *
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Do you believe a fall reading week would... *
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If you were to stay on-campus/in Antigonish, what events/activities would you like to see on campus? *
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Do you support a fall reading week? *
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