Press Release Regarding 2018 - 2019 House President Applications

Press Release, March 2nd 2018

I would like to express gratitude to all the students who have dedicated considerable time and effort regarding the university's changes to buildings of Cameron and MacKinnon Hall, both in support and in disagreement. For all concerned parties, it is no small feat to take a divisive stance. Productive discussions and debates need to be encouraged at a post-secondary institution.

Throughout the discussions and meetings that took place in February one thing was apparent: if the university's co-ed changes were definite, students wanted to preserve the existing houses within the residences so as to ensure the continuity of positive traditions.

I am pleased to announce that the Students' Union has successfully advocated the university administration. There will be a House-President and Vice-President in MacDonald, TNT, MacPherson, Chillis, and MacNeil for the 2018-2019 year.

There will be one application for Cameron Hall and one for MacKinnon Hall. On the respective applications, individuals will have the opportunity to select MacDonald, TNT and/or MacPherson, or Chillis and/or MacNeil as their preferred option(s) to be the House-President and/or Vice-President of. Successful candidates will only be offered a position within the building their application pertains to.

Moving forward, the University Avenue House-Presidents and Vice-Presidents will be working with the Students’ Union to develop a community agreement intended for Cameron and MacKinnon Hall residents in the fall.

Moreover, I am excited to announce that there will be two co-House President positions in MacIsaac Hall whose applications will be open to the general student body.

All applications will be open on Tuesday, March 6th at noon and will be available at

Annie Sirois

President & CEO

StFX Students' Union