Candidates for 2018–2019 Student Council Representatives

First Year Representative Candidates


Jenny Li

I am Jenny Li, a firm believer in honest, accountable, and non-partisan representation. The role of the First Year Representative should be to amplify the voices of students who seek to speak out about any aspect of university life. The representative should advocate for participation among our newest Xaverians, empowering them to continuously improve upon our caring, inclusive, and prestigious community. I campaign for this position as I am driven by this vision.I held a plethora of leadership positions throughout my teen years. As a member of the Calgary Mayor’s Youth Council, I worked to host the Innovation Challenge. It was a hackathon at which youth addressed the social issues of their choice through technological innovation. Participants were introduced to local start-ups as a means of encouraging them to build upon their ideas. We amplified their voice.Allow me to do the same for you, right here at X.


Nathan Penman

Hello! My name is Nathan, and I am a first-year science student from Cape Breton who’s running for the position of First-Year Representative. I am running for the First-Year Representative position because I want to make this year as enjoyable and successful as possible for all first-year students. To achieve that, my goal is to organise more events for first-year students, and to ensure that all first-years can play a part in every decision The U makes. In high school, I was heavily involved with student societies so I have the experience to make that goal a reality. Hope to see you use your vote!


Mary Bailey

Hi! My name is Mary Bailey. I’m from the small town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. I enjoy spending my time playing ping pong, ultimate frisbee, eating mashed potatoes and hanging out with my dog. I’m running for the 2018-2019 first year representative because I think I can represent all of the first years very well! I am a friendly and very approachable person. I was Vice President of my high school and during that time I had a lot of practice with time management, being outgoing, asking people for their opinions on different topics, organizing events, and much more. I know if I get the opportunity to become the first year representative for the 2018-2019 year here at St.FX I will not disappoint!


Chloe walker

My name is Chloe Walker and I am a first-year student in Public Policy and Governance. I am running for the position of First Year Representative. Coming from high school in my hometown of Ottawa, I was very committed to promoting equity through student-driven initiatives in my school and larger community. I did so through leading research-based proposals and projects, as well as fundraisers and awareness campaigns that were a testament to what mattered most to students at my school. It is important to me that choices made in council reflect not only what it means to be a Xaverian, but also the diverse background that brought us all here to StFX. I am running for this position as I hope to be the voice that represents the stories, ideas and needs of the class of 2022 as we begin our undergraduate careers together.


Laura Small

My name is Laura Small and I am a first year Health student from Saint John, New Brunswick. In high school I was very involved in not only student government, but sports and the arts as well. I play field hockey here at StFX and hope to get as involved as I can in first year. I am running for first year representative because I feel I can represent the Class of 2022 as a whole and help make our frosh year one of the best of our lives. My 4 years’ experience on Student Council in high school has prepared me for a position such as this and I'm confident that the skills I can bring to the Student Union will make 2018-2019 one we will never forget.


Jasonique Moss

Hello, I am Jasonique Moss, affectionately called ‘Jc’. I am a first year student majoring in Psychology with a love for experiencing new things and giving back to others. Coming from Nassau, The Bahamas, a very small country in the Caribbean, I’ve always been passionate about soaring to new heights and challenging myself. I see myself as an independent however never afraid to ask for help. As a 5’1 girl with tall dreams, I want to be your voice and in doing so, I promise to always put your questions and concerns as my first priority. If given the opportunity to be your first year Representative, I will not let you down.

International Representative Candidate


Happiness Bhoke John

Hi, my name is Happiness Bhoke, I’m from Tanzania and I want to be the voice of all international students at X. As an international student myself and having been here for a year already, I think we are not properly represented and majority of our concerns go unanswered. I believe, I can change that. Reflecting on the “International student lifestyle” at X and the multiple conversations I have had with other international students here, I am certain that I’m the right person to bring to light the issues that trouble us. I am bringing to the table a fresh set of ideas, a lot of energy, willingness to learn and listen and hunger for the success of all international students in all aspects of our university life. StFX is our home too and we deserve to be happy here, vote for me to make this vision a reality!

Science Representative Candidates


Michaela Budd

Hi everyone! My name is Michaela Budd. I am a third year health student with a concentration in biomedical science and I am running to be your science representative for this school year! I am running for this position because I want to make sure that science students are aware of what the issues being discussed at council are and how they can be involved in the outcomes. By participating in many extracurricular at StFX I have met many different people from the different faculties that make up the science department. My goal is to make sure that all of these students and faculties are represented equally at council, by not assuming that the opinions of some are the opinions of everyone.


Bryan Fedchun

I am Bryan Fedchun a fourth year chemistry student who is running for science student representative. I am running because I am very passionate about knowledge and research here at StFX. I have participated in many of the science faculties including Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Nutrition and Psychology. I have been able to network and create relationships with many of the faculty and students. I can communicate and share ideas that arise to all parties. I am well-spoken and level headed. I can listen and digest information and create a well, thought out response. I have always been a strong leader and I would take great pride in representing all the voices of the science students.


Ben Fisher

My name is Ben, and I want to be your Science Representative in the StFX Student’s Union. I hail from Saint John, New Brunswick, and am in my second year studying Biology here at X. I love music, sports, and I am very passionate about all forms of science! I am flexible and personable, and the kind of person that you can come to with anything. When it comes to my work, I am diligent and persistent, and I take great pride in what I do. I am running for the position of Science Representative because I want to ensure that every voice in the constituency has the opportunity to be heard. As your Science Representative, I want to reach out to everyone because I believe that together, we can make a significant positive impact on our faculty and the university as a whole.


Avery Malpass

My name is Avery Malpass and I am a third year Honours Biology student. I was raised in Unionville, which is a town North-East of Toronto. I am running for Science Representative in the upcoming election for the 2018-2019 academic year. Ever since I was a young girl I had a passion for leadership and science. I was a member of my Student Council in high school, which allowed me to develop my skills as a leader. In this role, I was responsible for being the voice of the student body and organizing and executing large events that were of interest to my peers. I chose to pursue an education in Science because I hope to one day use my knowledge to help others. I am running for the position of Science Representative because I want to represent the interests of my peers and drive positive change for the department.