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OC Leaders 2019-2020

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  • The OCL is responsible for working with the Senior OCL and the Off Campus Council to organize three (3) events per term for Off-Campus students. At least one (1) of these events must be a charity event.
  • The OCL shall attend and actively participate in the training program at the end of August or the beginning of September as a part of the preparation for their duties as OCL. The OCL will also attend any on-going training sessions that are planned throughout the academic year to enhance their leadership skills and experience.
  • The OCL shall attend monthly meetings with their assigned House Council Coordinator to discuss any Off Campus issues, goal setting, leadership development and program/events, resources and support.
  • The OCL is directly responsible to the VP Residence Affairs and shall attend all meetings at the request of the VP Residence Affairs if they have been given 48 hours notice of the meeting.

Questions regarding this position can be directed to
Applications close Monday April 29th 2019 12 Noon.