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O-Crew Executives

Become an O-Crew Executive

  • Responsible for helping organize and facilitate Orientation Week activities.
  • Work alongside a committee and the rest of the Orientation Crew members to ensure Orientation Week events run smoothly.
  • Get to know the incoming students by helping them meet new people and have the best Orientation Week experience as possible.

O-Crew Commitees

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Canada’s largest post-secondary fundraiser involving students at multiple university and college campuses across Canada. This fundraiser is meant to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research and care. Cystic Fibrosis is the most common fatal genetic disease affecting Canadian children and young adults. There is currently no cure for this disease. The Shinerama committee on O-Crew aims to spread awareness about Cystic Fibrosis and to raise money on Shinerama day to help in the fight for finding a cure!

Run N' Gun

AKA the dream team you’ve been waiting for! Are you a master of small talk and ice breaker games? If so, welcome to paradise. Run N’ Gun is a group of out-going and laid-back individuals. There’s a place for everyone on our team, who's responsibilities include welcoming first years all week long with games and casual conversations. We get to answer questions, get to know first years and keep students entertained when there’s some down time! Our team this year eats, sleeps, breathes, and bleeds Run N’ Gun spirit, and we can’t wait for you to join our committee!!!


A committee created to document the amazing events of orientation week. This committee is different than any other O-Crew committee, because there is the ability to float between all the different and important events during orientation week. Photo/Vid is a unique opportunity because it mixes all the best aspects of the other committees into one, with the ability to capture and document the most treasured moments of orientation week for the newly arriving first year students. All invididuals applying must have their own cameras.


Are you a social person who loves to meet new people and make new connections? Do you like learning (and teaching) house cheers? Do you want to make sure the incoming first years have the best Orientation Week of their lives!?!? Then PeRmA may be the committee for you! Members of PeRmA are assigned to a residence for the duration of Orientation Week, and are tasked with helping the HPs and VPs teach house cheers, guide their residence to and from events, and to be a firendly and helping hand to ease the transition to university for the incoming class of 2022.


OC members have the opportunity to interact with first years, for the committee stays with, cheers with and attends all of the events with the off campus first years! The unique dynamic of OC relies on it's committee members to wear multiple hats encompassing qualities from HYPE, PERMA, EBAE and RUN and GUN, to ensure the participation of all first year students living off campus. OC also allows for the opportunity to make extremely close connections with the incoming first years that can last for the rest of your university experience. OC is a very important committee because it is responsible for making sure no first year gets left behind, and gives every individual the opportunity to feel included during Orientation Week!


So you think you can HYPE!? It takes a LOT to be a member of the O-Crew, for O-Crew! To join this force on the O-Crew team, once compared to the navy seals of St.FX, it takes heart, spirit, and a whole lotta voice! Over the course of orientation week, we are responsible for keeping spirits high. Hype acts as an auxiliary team helping out where we can, and keeping energy up amoung the crew! So, do you have the endurance of an antelope, the voice of an elephant, and the heart of a blue whale? Than you just might have what it takes to be on HYPE!


A group of likeminded and diverse individual who stand for Equity Before Anything Else. Our goal is to provide the incoming class of 2022 with a more personal connection, by sharing our collective experiences with the new student to ensure the transition from high school to university goes as smoothly as possible. We aim to represent students of all backgrounds and advocate for an inclusive and respectful environment at StFX, and what better way to facilitate these movements than from day one? University is hard, and many of us struggle in our own ways. On EBAE, you are given the opportunity to teach new students from your own experiences. In collaboration with PeRmA, EBAE members are assigned to a specific house to support them in their cheery efforts, as well as to support the first year students through the many conversation to be had, as we welcome the class of 2022 to Saint Francis Xavier University.


Do you have a killer attention to detail and always wished you could be the judge of the sickest competition on campus? If so Chill committee is the one for you! As Chill members we get to observe and score each residence on campus, while helping first years earn chill points for the First-Year Cup! Ultimately, our committee helps determine which residence wins the First-Year Cup, while still getting to scream, cheer and dance with and first years and fellow O-Crew members!

Any questions regarding this position can be directed to
Applications close Thursday, April 4th at 12 Noon.

Earlier Event: April 2
Drive U Senior Driver
Later Event: April 5
House Accounts Coordinator