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2019–2020 Marketing & Communications Staff - 2nd Round

The U Marketing Team . . .

  • TUMT members will be paid by the hour and scheduled for approximately 5 hours per week at provincial minimum wage.
  • The TUMT shall be responsible for producing all marketing and communications content on behalf of TheU . This may require TUMT members to be present at events, services and activities throughout the year.
  • The TUMT shall be responsible for executing promotional plans for all services, activities, events, revenue generators and advocacy as directed by the Assistant Marketing Manager and the Communications and Marketing Manager.
  • Each member of the TUMT shall be scheduled for office hours each week, as directed by the Assistant Marketing Manager . These hours may fluctuate from week to week based on need. This work includes but is not limited to design work, research, and promotional activities outside the office.

Assistant Marketing Manager . . .

  • The Assistant Marketing Manager must demonstrate skills and experience with graphic design, photography, videography, and executing communication plans.
  • The Assistant Manager will begin May 1st and work approximately 30 hours per week throughout the summer.
  • The Assistant Manager will work approximately 15 hours a week starting September 1st until April 30th.
  • The Assistant Marketing Manager shall be responsible for assigning marketing and communications projects to the marketing team on a weekly basis.
  • The Assistant Marketing Manager will schedule and keep up to date payroll information to be submitted to the Accounts Manager for the TheU.
  • The Assistant Marketing Manager shall perform all other duties requested of them by the Marketing and Communications Manager.

Any questions regarding this position can be directed to  The closing date for applications has been extended to Monday, April 1st at 4:00 PM