The Marketing Studio

Connect with StFX Students via our marketing & promotion services

Services offered:

  1. Poster Design: A digital copy of a personalized graphic created by our Marketing Team for advertising your event/business. Additional option to have the poster colour printed in high quality. Posters come in sets of 15.

  2. Social Media Post: We will share your advertisement/message through The StFX Students’ Union’s various social media platforms that capture a large and targeted audience.

  3. Promotional Video:  A Marketing Team filmed and edited video (allow for extra completion time).

  4. Event Photographer: A Marketing Team Photographer available for a certain time period upon request.

  5. Website Change/Blog Post

  6. Bloomfield Centre Sales Booth Reservation: Reserve a spot in the Bloomfield Centre to sell products and/or promote your organization. 

  7. SUTV Advertising: Advertise your organization/business on Students’ Union TVs throughout campus.


Local Business


For external business and organizations in Antigonish looking to use our services to promote their organization.



For Student Societies, Clubs, Organizations, Events etc. run by StFX Students and Administrators

The U Internal


For Students’ Union Executives, Council Members, Human Resources, Students’ Union Businesses.