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Review of the Act of Incorporation

The St.FX Students’ Union Representative Council passed a motion on Sunday March 17th, 2019 to create an ad hoc committee to review the Union’s governance documents. This motion followed a controversial series of decisions, which highlighted flaws and contradictions within our governance documents. This project will review, but is not limited to, the St.FX Students’ Union Act of Incorporation, Constitution, By-Laws, and Policy Manual. This committee has hired a lawyer, and a team of governance specialists to assist in this work.

The Act of Incorporation is the legal document passed by the Government of Nova Scotia that officially recognizes the existence of the Students' Union and lays out some of the requirements that the Union must adhere to.

Over the past few months, the Governance Review Committee has worked on drafting a new Act of Incorporation, with input and assistance from legal counsel, which resulted in this draft of an updated Act of Incorporation. The goal of the committee was to cut down many of the details in the act, keeping only what was necessary, with the intention of moving many of the details into the By-Laws.

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